Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment is similar to psychological testing but usually involves a more comprehensive assessment of the individual. Psychological assessment integrates information from multiple sources, such as tests of personality, tests of ability or intelligence, tests of interests or attitudes, as well as information from personal interviews. Collateral information is also collected about personal, occupational, or developmental/medical history, such as from records or from interviews with parents, spouses, teachers, or previous therapists or physicians. Most psychologists do some level of assessment prior to providing services to clients or patients. The focus of a psychological assessment can vary from case to case. Assessments are used to provide a diagnosis for treatment settings; to assess a particular area of functioning or disability often for school or work settings; to help select type of treatment or to assess treatment outcomes; to help courts decide issues such as child custody or competency to stand trial; or to help assess job applicants or employees and provide career development counseling or training.